Marratech Launches Free Videoconferencing System

Up to five users can create a videoconference, share files, or just chat in text or using voice.

Marratech has introduced Marratech-Free, the freeware version of its video conferencing application. Marratech-Free enables users to replace standard Internet instant-messaging and chat technology with real-time video conferencing capabilities.

In addition to offering support for real-time video, Marratech-Free provides voice and interactive white board capabilities. The package is designed to create a fee interactive meeting environment. Marratech-Free allows up to five people to meet, talk, do videoconferencing, share documents or pictures, and make notes.

The Marratech-Free download comes with three pre-defined virtual meeting rooms optimized for various bandwidths. After choosing the appropriate bandwidth, users e-mail a link to potential attendees that allow them to click and join the meeting. The link launches the meeting automatically, which means that conferees can join without downloading client software. Marratech-Free looks much like the company’s full-featured licensed product.

“When we consider the enormous growth of free solutions such as Skype and the popular instant messaging systems, we are confident Marratech-Free will create a new level of web collaboration,” said Marratech CEO Lars Persson, adding, “Marratech-Free takes users far beyond simple online chat and messaging into real-time collaboration.”

The program runs on the Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. The only requirements are a broad-band Internet connection and a headset–the full experience requires a Web cam. To download the program or to get additional information, go to

The fully-licensed Marratech product expands the number of potential meeting rooms because it allows for an unlimited number of users, and provides several additional features. For more information on Marratech and its products and services, visit the company’s Web site at