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January 30, 2006

Mirapoint Releases New RazorGates

Messaging Pipeline

Messaging security vendor Mirapoint today rolled out the next generation of its RazorGate e-mail security platform featuring 40 percent better performance and increased storage capacity in a smaller footprint.

The new appliances can process 107 messages per second and more than nine million messages per day, according to . And the new RazorGates can be configured with up to 225 gigabytes of storage on board, allowing organizations to support thousands of users and their quarantined junk mail.

The redesigned systems also cut the appliances' footprint by up to 50 percent. The small to mid-sized RazorGate is now a 1U appliance and the high-end version is a 2U appliance, saving both rack space and power consumption, according to Mirapoint.

"Our pedigree is in security and we integrate everything in an appliance form factor," said Craig Carpenter, Mirapoint's director of corporate marketing. " RazorGate is an edge SMPT device with several layers of redundancy and the software is built for policy enforcement."

The new RazorGate models continue to offer Mirapoint's MailHurdle anti-spam and Rapid antivirus technologies. RazorGate can run multiple antivirus programs simultaneously to offer enterprises even more protection.

Also new in the next-generation of RazorGate appliances is a new flash-based installation wizard and quick start guide requiring minimal technical knowledge and time to get the appliance up and running.

"We took our CEO, who is not a technologist, through the new setup wizard with no problem. It was the perfect test case," said Carpenter.

The new RazorGate is available in three different models for various sized organizations, the RG100, RG350 and RG500.

"Our lineage is in e-mail and security installations for big organizations," said Carpenter. "We also have the RG100 that supports up to 1,500 users, but the sweet spot for that appliance is 100-300 users."

Available now, the appliances start at $4,475.

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