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September 2005

September 27, 2005
Farewell -- It's Been Great!

Creating and running the editorial for Messaging Pipeline has been a fun and interesting time for this technology journalist. Few assignments in my career have been as challenging, and that's the sort of food a journalist needs in order to survive. When I first started, the spam war reached its peak, diverting your and my attention from the amazing progress being made in other more important technologies, such as presence and instant messaging, as well as collaboration and conferencing tools.

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September 23, 2005
Give Web-Based E-Mail Another Look

For all the reasons cited by Associated Press writer Anick Jesdanun about web-based e-mail clients--and more--you should all take a look around your shops at the state of desktop e-mail clients. They are nice enough products, have nice features, integrate well with other desktop products, and all that stuff. But they are also pervasive support problems, requiring upgrades and maintenance, hand-holding and the like. And they require you to maintain a server and several layers of security protection to guard against spam, viruses, and other e-mail-borne malware. Most important, there are other alternatives for you to think about using.

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September 17, 2005
Appliance World Is Just Around The Corner

I'm feeling a bit like I ought to go to Las Vegas for the week. Why? Well, just a week ago I tested the JabberNow instant messaging appliance, and in my blog called on the rest of the industry to follow suit and begin packaging more applications into single-box appliances. And, in the next week, you'll be seeing more appliance announcements here in the messaging space, and I swear to you, I didn't know!

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September 10, 2005
Let's Hope The JabberNow IM Appliance Is A Trend

Arrival of the JabberNow instant messaging server from Jabber, Inc. (see Jabber, Inc. Ships IM Appliance) presents a strong signal to the messaging and messaging security industry that it's time to think small if it wants to think big. JabberNow in its smallest configuration can support up to 25 users, can be geared up to interface to IM security and compliance systems, and can also be enhanced to federate via to the AOL Enterprise Federation Partner Program (EFP), a connection that will enable JabberNow users to interact with the wider array of IM users available through that network. Getting all that for $2,500, that ain't bad, and it's just about right for the bourgeoning small business market.

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September 05, 2005
Deadly Communications Failure

Okay, this isn't about messaging, not per se, but it is about communications and in particular, it's about the failure of any and all communications systems to keep our political leadership in touch with what goes on in this country, and around the world. If these people were in touch with the reality of the world in which they and we live, we would not have a drowned United States city, with a citizenry that is either displaced or dead, today.

. . . Full Story: "Deadly Communications Failure"

Posted by John Dickinson at 07:27 PM | Permalink | Comments

September 02, 2005
This Ain't No Party

No one will ever accuse me of being an early adopter or fashion-forward where gadgets and software concerned. I may lust for an iPod, but I refuse to pay Apple's prices. Still, I had to be dragged, mewling and scowling, to the instant messaging party.

Some party.

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Posted by Terry Sweeney at 11:25 AM | Permalink | Comments

September 01, 2005
Weep For New Orleans -- Worry About A Wireless Future

I'm sitting here looking at a map of the levees and flood walls that surround the stricken City of New Orleans -- it is an amazingly complex network of man-made defenses built to withstand moving water, nature's most powerful force. Its extent has enabled the building of one of America's most special cities, and its inherent fragility has enabled that city's virtual destruction at the hands of Hurricane Katrina. And so it is with the wireless networks that we increasingly find ourselves wanting to be dependent on.

. . . Full Story: "Weep For New Orleans -- Worry About A Wireless Future"

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